Mok Kam Cheung Curriculum Vitae



2016     Diploma in Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Painting Studies in Distinction, The University of Hong Kong,                  School of Professional and Continued Education Program


2002     Diploma in Chinese Painting Studies in Credits, The University of Hong Kong, School of Professional and                       Continued Education Program                   



Exhibitions & Publications


         2018     " Sky, Mountain & Waterscape " Solo Exhibition at Albany Community Center, CA



2017     Mok Kam Cheung Chinese Painting Collection published by Jiangxi Fine Art Publishing House



2016     "Six Contemporary Chinese Painters Collection" Published by Beijing Ministry of Culture, organized by

              Chinese Artist Association, Chinese Collectors Association, China Literature and Art Foundation.



2015     “The Essence of Art” selected as one of the five artists published by Nanjiang Hemei Publishing House



2013     “Traditional and Classic Chinese Painting Collection Series” as one of the prominent five artists published by

               Jinlin Art Publishing House             


2012      Nominated as one of the “Most Innovative Emerging Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Artist in China” by                      China Cultural Center Beijing


2011      “The Top One Hundred of Chinese Artists Collection”, Published by China Cultural Center,  featured “Ten      

               Scenes of Wall” 


2010      “Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Collection Year Book”, Published by China Cultural Center


2009      “Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Collection Year Book”, Published by China Cultural Center    


2009       Awarded and Exhibited in Hong Kong Biennial Art Exhibition “Hong Kong Museum of Art, “Ten Scenes                        of Wall”



2009       Exhibited in “Beijing Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition “at China Century Clock, Beijing,                               Organized by China Cultural Center


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