Ten Scenes of Wall Series

The concept of this series is to capture sceneries of mundane man-made infrastructure landscape that is often overlooked by city dwellers as wells as conveying the message of environmental conversation through ink and wash painting. The natural landscape of mountains and valleys are usually not accessible by city dwellers on a daily basis, especially for those living in hyper dense metropolitan such as Hong Kong. However, if one observes the mundane man-made infrastructures such as retaining walls and roadways carefully, traces of nature can be seen around. Wildflowers and grasses thrive at the shoulder of roadways. Vine and mosses grow from the crevices of walls. These dapples of greeneries refresh and liven up our living environment. This series consists of ten 15 inches by 67 inches of ink and color vertical scrolls. Each is titled as follows: Roots, Flow, Moss, Epiphytes, Fern, Vine, Shadow, Spots, Nets and Wall. This series was awarded and exhibited in the Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition in 2009, hosted by the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It was also published in the “Hundreds of Chinese Artists Collection”, in 2011 and in 2012. Kam Cheung was nominated as one of the “Most Innovative New Artist” in Beijing with this series.



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